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Vitaxel Hotels Group Helps You Leverage Hotel Assets, The Marketplace, Smart Contracts, and Blockchain So You Can Grow Your Wealth and Live Your Life to the Fullest.

About OSE

Ownership Sharing Economy (OSE)

     OSE provides financial, marketing, and technology assistance to the boutique hotel industry while offering a unique ownership opportunity for people around the world.

The sharing economy is the “peer-to-peer based activity of obtaining, giving, or sharing access to goods and services.” Adding “Ownership” to the sharing economy solidifies the OSE program partners as key cogs in the international sharing economy. And that’s a good thing as the sharing economy is growing tremendously from a $14 billion USD industry in 2014 to a targeted $335 billion industry in 2025.

A Difference Maker

OSE Coin: Suited for Your Purposes

OSE Coin

Trade OSE Coin for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Liquidate to fiat by exchanging Cryptocurrency to Fiat

Benefits of the Sharing Economy

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Affordable Business Venture

Access sharing of an affordable, low cost to entry long-term, asset-based, sustainable business venture.

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Sharing Partner

Be a sharing partner in the OSE project via decentralized blockchain and smart-contract technology.

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Enjoy Profit-Sharing

Enjoy profit-sharing incentives for the first 3 years (up to a total of 45%).

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Build a cryptocurrency portfolio of Bitcoin and OSE Coins through referrals.

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Share-Swap Option

Share-swap option for stocks upon initial public listing within 5-10 years period.

How Does It Work?


OSE Coin Built on Smart Contract and Blockchain Technology

OSE Partners trade OSE Coin for Other Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum

OSE Partners can liquidate to flat by exchanging Cryptocurrency to Flat

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